Thursday, February 26, 2009

We love you, Mom!

Mom has been sick for the past few days.
I've never seen her this sick before.
No walk. No play. No nothing. Poor mommy...
So I decided to cheer her up.
My sister helped a little.
I love you, mom.
I really really love you.

This is for you.

Do you know how much I love you?

A lot!

I mean it.

I love you, mommy.

You are the best mom in the whole world.

I'm soooo happy you're my mom.

*Bonus pic*

Ok, you ready?
Wait, wait, not yet!
Ok, here we go!

We love you, Mom!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Holy guacamole! I'm gonna be famous!

Lou! Lou! You got featured on BrewskieButt's blog!

Huh? What on earth are you talking about?


Buzz from BZTAT

'Lou, Mama's boy' First of the Twitter Critter Series

From Brewski Butt, official spokescat of Art Adventures Studios


Am I blushing? oooh I think I am....

Thank you. Thank you. I am most honored...

Totally unexpected....oh I'm babbling...


His already big head is gonna be huge now.....Ungh.

So am I gonna be famous now, mom?




(Courtesy of Sadie Shihtzu, social media puppy)

Holy guacamole! I am gonna be famous!

Yup! And I'm going to Disneyland!

Isn't life just fabulous.....?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Always worth a try...

So where are we going today?

Dog park? Lake? Mountain?

Can I drive, daddy?



Nice try, Lou. You are sooooo NOT driving!

Boy, you never give up.


You just never... Ok ok. enough already.

Look! What the hell is that?

Whoa! Dad, did you see that? the way, can I drive?

Gee, you are pathetic.

Is he stupid or what?


Lou, I said NO.




Always worth a try....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wasn't me...

Mom. I'm bored...
Here's your chew.

Are you kidding? This is leftover.

That's it or nothing. Take your pick.


Ok. then.

(man...that was embarassing...)

Already done?
Oh, I'm just about to.

Ok, let's start over.

Come here, you little.....


Where did it go?

Hah! there you are.


Clang! *Crash* *thud*


Gotta hide now...

Wasn't me.

Nope. it wasn't me.
You can kiss my paw now.

Aren't you going to kiss my paw?