Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dog park!

Last Friday we went to the dog park. It’d been like 6 months since we’ve been there. Can you believe it? 


When we got there there were some kids inside so we walked around the lake, looking at the ducks.

 Photo-0856  Photo-0858

Reminiscing….I used to come here all the time and chased rabbits…before they built the dog park and all these things. There were lots of lots of rabbits. Nothing but rabbit. Where did they all go? I wonder… boy was I in really good shape back then…

Photo-0861   Lots of lots of ducks…


The kids were gone when we came back to the dog park so we went in. But Pebbles had to go to small dog park. See this is why we don’t come here anymore. Pebbles just looks at mama through the fence, barks and whines, not playing with other dogs. That’s no fun. Sometimes she can come around when I’m the only one here or big dogs aren’t playing too rough. No suck luck today.


When we got home I got a bath. Pebbles too. I loved it. She did not.


Bonus pics :o)


 lou peb-0013