Friday, May 21, 2010

Synchronized Sleeping pt.1

100_1484     100_2767    100_2770

My chickfest pawpawty prize came last week. From Nip and Bones! Thank you BabyPatches! Thank you Baby’s momma!

 100_4364  100_4369 Toys!!! 100_4385 you playing possum? 100_4388 nomming the bone… 100_4393 chomping Mr. badger… 100_4394 ooops.100_4395 thank you.

I heard so many good things about sweet potatoes. So I decided to be a good brother and let Pebbles eat the snack. Alas, Pebbles was not interested at all.

I think mom’s eating them. heh heh


                                 Bonus pic!  100_4443                                      I love ice cream….

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sweet surprise!!!

A package for me?                100_4237

But we didn’t order anything…100_4240

*sniff sniff* hey I think…this smells like… 100_4243

OMD….OMD…this is…..this is….           100_4246  

…….from COOKIE FAIRY!!!!!!!   100_4256  

No way! For real? Let me see!100_4259

Look! There’re 2 cards!      100_4268

It was Lilypup!!! She sent Cookie Fairy’s cookies!!! 100_4274

Aww that sweet Lily….you really shouldn’t have..…100_4272

……..*chomps*                             100_4263

You know what’s coming, right?

Bonus pics!                               100_4277 100_4280 *sigh* 100_4281   100_4283 *sigh*

Thank you, Lily & Lily’s mom!!! Thank you, Cookie Fairy!!! And Lainey, Chloe & Autumn!!! What a sweet surprise!!!

If you want some of those nom nom nommy Woofarita cookies,  it’s right here. Go get some! *woof*