Thursday, March 31, 2011

I got a fever…..*sigh*

Valley Fever.

Last week mom noticed I was favoring my right rear leg. She could see a slight tremor too. So she made an appointment with our vet.

Monday we saw our vet. She gave me a shot that made me feel funny and took me away to X-ray room. Without mom! I was so scared I soiled my legs. The vet found no fracture. But there was some fuzzy stuff around the bones. Damn. Mom was hoping for simple fracture. Simple fracture would’ve been better. A lot better than other scary stuff. They sent my blood to the lab and we came home. And waited.

Mom couldn’t sleep well. Valley fever was one of her biggest worries ever since she read about it years ago.

Vet called yesterday. Positive. I have Valley Fever.

The treatment could take as long as a year but vet thinks I’ll be ok sooner than that.

I think mom’s heart actually stopped for a few seconds. She’s still in a bit of shock.

I feel fine.


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