Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Missing mails

We had a problem with our mails. We don’t get too many so we didn’t notice at first. It dwindled since January and we had to pay late fees because some of the bills didn’t come. Mom told dad to go to post office and find out what was going on. Which he did. They said there’s no problem with our address or anything. Still we didn’t get all our mails. Some returned to the sender and others just disappeared. And we still get some so it was all very confusing. We lived here in the same address for almost 8 years and never had any problem with mails. Dad went to the post office again but nothing changed. Then finally mom snapped when she tracked the order for Pebbles’ gotcha day present. It said it had arrived to our local post office but deemed ‘undeliverable’ and forwarded. Forwarded to where? Mom got so mad she was shaking. I’ve never seen her so mad. She couldn’t sleep that night and first thing in the next morning they went to the post office. Long story short the mail carrier did all that. I hope they fire him. We got an apology letter from the postmaster so maybe we can get those late fees back...

And we went to the vet for our annual shots.

  Photo-0185  Photo-0180  Photo-0210  Photo-0226

I lost a pound! Yes! And it found its way to Pebbles. heheheh

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pebbles’ gotcha day

Today is Pebbles’ gotcha day.  4 years ago today we went to AAWL (Arizona Animal Welfare League) and adopted her. They didn’t know her exact age but guessed around 10.  She has hypothyroid and severe underbite. She lost 6 teeth at the shelter (Our vet pulled 3 more last year) She attacked me on her first day at home when she saw mom spoon-feeding me. We ignored each other for a while but eventually learned to coexist, as you can see here. heheheh

 100_4099   100_0940 100_0432    

She doesn’t like toys. She’s scared of them so we think she never had toys before…

Mom made her favorite snack. Chicken jerky!

  100_2077  100_2078  100_2079  100_2080

And we got double cheeseburgers.

 100_3696  100_3698

nom nom nom

100_3703  100_3718

nom nom nom

100_3719  100_3721

nom nom nom


She doesn’t do buns but I do if there’s cheese. heheh


But we definitely don’t do pickles.


Pebbles was full before she finished one. I can normally eat 3 burgers but mom stopped at 2…*sigh*

I think mom ordered something for her but I don’t know what. And she also used the gift card from pawpawty to order Grandma Lucy's treats from Baby Patches store Nip and Bones. Yay!!!

Happy gotcha day, my tiny sister! *woof* 

Monday, February 8, 2010

trip to the park

We went to the nearby park today. Remember we went there last year when they just opened it? I didn’t get to drive though *sigh*… c’mon mom it’s been more than a year since that unfortunate incident

Photo-0009  Photo-0013  Photo-0014  Photo-0015  Photo-0017  Photo-0019  Photo-0021

It has small dog park too and we met 2 gorgeous Goldens there. But they were boys. *another sigh*

Photo-0029  Photo-0027 Photo-0024  Photo-0026  Photo-0028  Photo-0035 Photo-0040

When we got back home we found Valentine cards from Princess Gwenie in the mailbox! Sweet!

 100_3685  100_3690

My first Valentine cards! Yesh! Thank you Princess! *woof woof*