Monday, January 25, 2010

Pawpawty for animals in haiti

There was pawpawty last weekend and this month’s theme was Viva Wag Vegas Elvis pawpawty. To pay tribute to the King of Rock ‘n Roll. He would’ve been 75 if he lived…

 Elvis LouPeb 2

So we got dressed up and attended the pawty.

 Mayor Michael Bloomberg Loves Our Showgirls!

And our pawpawty CDO Frugal dougal decided to help out the animals in Haiti so the pawpawty was helping The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). How cool is that?

And the fundraising target was set and of course exceeded :o)

I won 3 prizes. $20 voucher for BabyPatches’ store from MizzBassie and a personalized doggie bowl from Parrisreddog and treats from Luckydogtreatco! Woohoooooooo!

Personalized dog bowl! I feel special already! I’ve never had one! And of course I love luckydogtreats! As you can see here. heheheh

I think mom’s gonna use the voucher for Grandma Lucy’s treats. It’s been a while since we had them. Last time was, like, last summer? Too long a while! See how much I love them here and here!

Mom’s so happy because she’s been feeling sorry she couldn’t get us as much treats as before... Well I’m happy when mom’s happy :o) And I know she loves me more than anything in the whole world! *woof*

*pit-a-pat* *whoosh* *thwack* *crash* *thud* *groan*…I mean she loves me and my sister more than anything in the whole world… *whimpers*

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dudefest! (Hank’s birthday pawty)

Last weekend I went to Dudefest. This time it was for Hank the doggy’s 10th birthday. It totally rocked!

Bacon beer! Bacon beer! Bacon beer!

 Lou dudefest

Here I am, paying my respects to The Dude, Lebowski guy, heheheh

Bacon beer! Bacon beer! Bacon beer!

And I got to taste MadLabM’s candied bacon martini. oooh yeahhhh…

oh and there was special guest appearance by da Shibbering Cheetos! BOL BOL

I also DJed for an hour late at night.

The next day there was a birthday cake cutting. And boy I was surprised. Cake jumpers! The bestest cake jumpers I’ve ever seen! (well I’ve never seen one before…heheh) It was absolutely hilarious! if you missed it, click on the link! Must see!

The pawty helped AC PAW, a local no-kill animal group that fosters and adopts pets in Hank the Doggy’s area. And of course the fund raising target was met and exceeded again :o)

Happy birthday Hank!

I have to mention the fantastic dudefest team here: Brutus Dane, Mattie dog, Trailerpark dogs, Sid the Catahoula, Bigboy Bosco, Sydpie, Oatie dog, Madison the lab. You guys rock!!! *woof*


And today I am Dogtor Manhattan…

lou watchmen square dr manhattan

Friday, January 1, 2010

Farewell 2009…

Happy New Year everyone!

According to my tweetdeck, I signed up for twitter one year ago. And I started blogging shortly afterwards (special thanks goes to Brewskiebutt for the encouragement) and got on Facebook. I met so many wonderful anipals and great humans.

Thank you all. You guys made our 2009 so special. Thank you.

 st patrick hat 2 crop st patrick peb  cinco de mayo  bunny ear 7  peb pimped   pirate 4   lou cat  80 theme surf theme   Loupeb lamb 2    chickfest 3  woodstock 5 lou Nessie pooh tigger 5   wolverine Lou   tuxedo loupeb with dj sign  xmas LouPeb

By the way, Brew’s hosting a PawParade on Sunday. So make sure you stop by and join in the fun!