Thursday, June 18, 2009

A gift from Brew…

Something came in the mail and it was from Art Adventures Studio. which means it’s from BrewskieButt, my twitter pal. I couldn’t believe my eyes when mom opened it. It was the picture of me!!! 

Remember his mom drew me before?  I wrote about it here. That itself was such an honor and now she sent me the picture as a gift! How sweet is that? I think Brew’s mom BZtat is not only most talented artist alive but also the sweetest!!!

 100_2212            100_2219      100_2225  100_2228  100_2229  100_2231   100_2232 100_2234       100_2235

Thanks Brew! Thanks BZtat! For this unforgettable gift we’re forever obliged to you….

For those who missed my earlier post about BZTAT, she is an artist who specializes in contemporary artwork of dogs and cats. She creates paintings, drawings, prints, and digital photographs of dogs, cats and other companion animals. She also creates collages and artwork following other themes.

And my pal BrewskieButt is a official spokescat of Art Adventures Studio which is located in downtown Canton, OH.

So go check out their cool blog Buzz from BZTAT now, ok?    \/o.o\/


  1. Very kewl. You has a mini-you and a mini-mini-you!

  2. Lou,

    You and Pebbles are the light of our day! We are always excited to see your blog posts when they show up in our email because they are so cheerful and fun! We feel blessed to have you as a friend on both Facebook and Twitter. Sending you the print was just one small way that we could return some of the joy that you bring to us each day.

    *nosetaps* *Brewhugs* and *BZTAT-hugs*!!!!!

    Brew and BZTAT

  3. Oh Lou, that is so cool! You is a lucky pup and the Brew and BZ TAT are very sweet indeed!
    *puppy kisses* from LilyPup

  4. I love it! I hope your people hang in in the living room :)

  5. That is such an incredible likeness of you. A lovely painting of a handsome dog by a talented artist. I do hope you frame it and hang it above the fireplace.

  6. Lucky Lou!! You have a such a great friend!!

  7. You are such a lucky dog, Lou, with all your pwizes you won to the pawpawty.
    I love the picture where you have your head in the package. BOL.
    The painting from Brew's mommy is amazing.

    We love your blog.

    Big Snoopyhug to you and Pebbles

    Your friend Mistersnoop