Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A present from Brew!


My pawpawty prize arrived today! It’s from BrewskieButt and his mom BZTat!




(Hey, it’s my pal Brew! He’s my BFF!)

Mom was really really happy. We’re not an artistic family but her best friend is a painter, who lives overseas. Mom misses her everyday.

So it was a perfect present for us. Because when mom’s happy I am too!

Oh just in case you don’t know who they are, BrewskieButt is a official spokescat of Art Adventures Studio which is located in downtown Canton, OH near Second April Gallerie and the historic Onesto Hotel.

His mom BZTat is an artist who lives in Canton, OH and specializes in contemporary artwork of dogs and cats.

You should go see her blog Buzz from BZTAT! sometimes because it’s really great. Like today’s post Black Jack: The painting of a dog you can see how she creates her painting step by step!

I’m so lucky to have a pal like Brew.



Thanks, Brew!  *nose kiss*


  1. Yo lou! Glad you liked the present! Thx for all the nice comments and links! Yer the best anipla ever!!!!

    The Brew and BZTAT

  2. Hai handsome! Concsts on your cool present!

  3. aren't you a lucky dog gett all those gifts!

  4. Yea! What a cool gift, I got one too a few #pawpawty 's back and it is still in the living room. Can't wait to see you at tomorrow's #pawpawty