Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shawnee’s questions…& pawpawty prize from Daffy

Umm yeah I’m doing it. Finally.

My friend Shawnee asked me 5 questions last month. Or was it the month before…? uhh anyways here they are.

1. Wot be you fave toy or stuffie?

This one is hard since I don’t do favoritism when it comes to toys. I like them all equally. I’d have to say the most recent one. Yeah.


I pick one, play with it for a while, put it back and pick another. Pretty neat, huh?

2. Wot is the one thing you would most like to change about the werld?

This ons is easy. We take over! Dogs rule the world! Yes! *paw pump*

Picture 6

3. If’n you could has one super powah, wot would it be?

Molecular manipulation!

watchmen lou 4                                        *Dogtor Manhattan*

4. Wot is you most skeered of?

I am scared of a lot of things… a lot of things…

 look         scariest  

5. Wot does you see in the pikshur below?


I see bones….big bones…small bones…Nylabones…Terrabones…


You like this game? Go answer these questions! *WOOF*


By the way I got my pawpawty prize the other day.

2010-07-31 20.03.34  2010-07-31 20.04.05

it’s from Daffy a.k.a @no_crybaby_dogs! Isn’t it pawsome? Thank you, Daffy!

His mom has etsy store. Lots of lots of cool magnets & notecards. You might wanna check it out. :o)