Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nah…I don’t think so…

I went for another checkup the other day. (so many checkups I lost count..) My surgeon wants to try another lateral suture. Another??? You must be kidding.
I still walk funny and there’s something wrong with my ankles. He thinks it’s congenital defect or something. Osteochondrosis? Probably got worse due to my coccidioidomycosis aka valley fever.. Anyways he wants to do another lateral suture on my knee… Well, since he botched it in the first place I understand he’s trying to do everything he can but… another??  It’s unlikely I can run again like before, he said. Out of the question. And he even said there’s no guarantee this one would improve my condition. so… should I let him?
Mom & dad just doesn’t want me to go through that again. And neither do I. Nope. I’d rather eat poop. No way.
Mom’s thinking about laser therapy. My vet just started doing it so we might give it a try.
On the brighter side, my last titer showed my level went down. I am off fluconazole! Woohoooo! I’ve been taking the medication for a year! We’ll do another titer next month to see if it stays down, the vet said. Hope it stays down… *paws crossed*
It’s getting hot here already... Stay cool everybody!