Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody! Happy Holidays! Feliz Navidad!

 xmas   jibjab ginerbread loupeb  jibjab sleigh

We wish you a Merry Christmas ~ We wish you a Merry Christmas ~ We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!


Monday, December 14, 2009

My knee & a lot of pawties

I know, I know, it’s been more than a month…*sigh*

Remember my sister hurt her knee? It happened to me too. I blew my knee last month. The left hind leg just like her. Geez *shakes head* I wasn’t even running outside… We went to the vet and I got anti-inflammatory pills. I walk almost normally these days. Whew… But I put on a lot of weight due to the lack of walkies. Mom’s more worried about my weight now.

We napped a lot.       100_3323  100_3328        100_3477  100_3459 100_3396

There was an anipal wedding last month’s pawpawty. hanseebundee and poppydog got married! It was really really beautiful. I wore tux and DJed for the bestest couple on twitterville. tuxedo loupeb with dj sign

And I won a prize from Daffy. It was Pepi magnet! Cool,huh?100_3491

And I got Christmas cards from my twitter friends! Princess Gwenie, Frugaldougal and Raven, Thor Rio of Health4uandpets  :o)  100_3515  100_3457

And then I participated Caplin’s Rodent Jeopardy. and…and…I won! I couldn’t believe it! I won!  Thank you! Thank you!  100_3541

You gonna read it to me tonight, mom?100_3553

Oh and there was Niqqi’s mummypawty!

Look, I’m an Egyptian prince! egyptian prince lou 2

Should’ve rented GPS-equipped camel…. Lou camel with pebbles

And there was surprise birthday pawty for Petie the cat! with petie ribbon and hat

And we went to pawpawty last weekend. There sure were a lot of pawties…heheh

 santa loupeb

I won a couple of prizes again. One of them is yummy treats and I can’t wait! *woof*


And I miss you Lexi-Lou

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dog park!

Last Friday we went to the dog park. It’d been like 6 months since we’ve been there. Can you believe it? 


When we got there there were some kids inside so we walked around the lake, looking at the ducks.

 Photo-0856  Photo-0858

Reminiscing….I used to come here all the time and chased rabbits…before they built the dog park and all these things. There were lots of lots of rabbits. Nothing but rabbit. Where did they all go? I wonder… boy was I in really good shape back then…

Photo-0861   Lots of lots of ducks…


The kids were gone when we came back to the dog park so we went in. But Pebbles had to go to small dog park. See this is why we don’t come here anymore. Pebbles just looks at mama through the fence, barks and whines, not playing with other dogs. That’s no fun. Sometimes she can come around when I’m the only one here or big dogs aren’t playing too rough. No suck luck today.


When we got home I got a bath. Pebbles too. I loved it. She did not.


Bonus pics :o)


 lou peb-0013


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thanks Shawnee! \/^.^\/

Ahhh the weather’s getting cooler everyday and we’re all loving it. I‘m spending a lot of time in the backyard, wishing this breezy autumn thingie lasts longer.

And more postcards came in the mail! I got 3 more from Princess Gwenie and one from Shawneeshep. As you can see I wasted no time sending her our address after reading her comment on my previous post. heheheh


But how did she know mommy likes lighthouses?


She must be a clairvoyant or something…


Can you see the pretty lighthouse? Sandy Hook Lighthouse. It’s the oldest lighthouse operating in the US, the card says. How cool is that? See mommy found this cool site a few years ago and ever since then she’s been dreaming of going on lighthouse trip someday.


Lighthouse pilgrimage…along the coast…

well, one can dream, right? Who knows?


Halloween card from Princess Gwenie. Never got Halloween card before!


Pebbles likes the lighthouse card!


Looks like she’s claiming it…


BOL are you gonna sleep on it or something?


uhh…are you?


ok ok no need to get growly here…*mumble* not that you scare me or anything…


My postcard collection so far! (mom said the ones from our vet don’t count…and I agree since it’s shot reminder… *shudder*)

Bonus pics!

 100_3249  100_3250

Cool shade huh? Looks familiar? See my previous post. :o)


Thanks so much, Shawnee!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Postcard from Princess Gwenie!

I got a postcard today! it’s from my twitter pal, Princess Gwenie!!! How sweeeeeeet! Thanks Gwenie!


She lives in AZ (like us!) but she went on the road trip!                   It says O-h-i-o.  Hey, isn’t that where Brewskiebutt is?


We love getting postcards from friends! This is the second one! Remember Frugaldougal sent me one via royal mail?

100_3118                             Pebbles was pouting….

 100_3130                                   So I told her it was addressed to both of us!


OMD it’s true! I see my name! It says she misses us both!

100_3127                                  She misses us both! she misses us both!                                    hmm maybe I shouldn’t have told her…

100_3131   Mom…when are we going on a road trip? It’s been a while…

 100_3133                                      I really really wanna go on a road trip…*sigh*                               Cheer up, brother… we will someday…

Oh by the way we’re ready for Halloween pawpawty!

 pooh tigger 5

Bonus pic! Cool, huh?

wolverine Lou

And this is for Princess Gwenie who is a huge Hello Kitty fan! :o)

LouPeb HK 2