Sunday, August 30, 2009

New park & Woodstock Pawpawty!

We went to the new park today! It’s about 5 minutes away. woohooo! 100_2599         100_2607     100_2610         100_2628  100_2634  100_2639

Put me in, coach! I’m fit! I’m tan! I’m ready!!!



100_2646  100_2653   100_2647

Let’s do some digging here!


Hey what’s this?  (Mama laughed so hard cuz I jumped when the fountain started…ungh..)


Ok Guys, ready to go home now & enjoy pawpawty? It’s gonna start in half an hour.

Yippeeeee! Pawpawty!!!

woodstock 444

As you can see here, the pawpawty theme was Woodstock. How groovy is that! So many hippie anipals came…I stayed as long as I could, eating, drinking and won once at Emmy the cat’s Paw Wall contest. Then Cosmo brought Woodstock special and I don’t remember much after that…


P.S: Java the cat made this pawsome Woodstock pawpawty commemorative album. And this time we helped TEARS (The Emergency Animal Rescue Service). Of course fundraising target was surpassed again before the pawty was over!  Anipal power!  *woof*

Friday, August 21, 2009

We went to Cortez park!

I know, I know, it’s been a while…oh I’m so ashamed… what a irresponcible blogger I am…*sniffles* *sobs*

ok enough with crocodile tears. heheh. We went to Cortez park today. We used to live near there when I was baby. There’s a small lake with duckies and lots of big trees. I love it there.


Mama forgot to bring her camera so she used her cell phone. *sigh* Can you see the duckies? It was so hot they were all in the shade, not swimming at all. They were not even talking…


OMD Is she lifting her leg??? BOL! Actually she lifted both of her legs when she pees.



Pebbles: mom I love it here!

Photo-0696  Photo-0697

Pebbles: Wait up!           ugh she’s following me everywhere…


oh I remember this small bridge…


Would mama get mad if I get in the water, like I did before…?


Mom: Perish the thought!        ok ok I was just reminiscing…




Saying goodbye to duckies… see you soon guys!


Then we went to Arby’s! Yippeeeeee! one of my favorite!

  Photo-0716  Photo-0713  Photo-0714  Photo-0723   Photo-0721

The roast beef sandwiches were soooooo good! nom nom nom