Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another prize came…..from Cookie Fairy!!!

I know there’s Santa Claus. I know there’s unicorn. But I didn’t know there was Cookie Fairy. I’ve never heard of her before! (I heard of cookie monster though) But apparently she does exist, because my last prize came and it’s from none other than Cookie Fairy herself!


huh? Cookie fairy?      


You mean this is from..…Cookie Fairy?        


Smells like…………………………..heaven!


I know there’s more inside the box! Take them out already!

The smell was so good it even stirred my sister from her nap. And she doesn’t even like cookies. She doesn’t. Nope. She hates them.

nom nom nom (please ignore the pink shreds on top of my head)

yum yum yum

No teasing please.

Keep’em coming!


I was so happy I indulged mom a little.

Ok Ok you can give her a few. Just a few.


My sister loves the doggie chocolate cake.

For those who are yet to be enlightened, Cookie Fairy goes by the name Laineys Pawtique. She’s got Etsy store too. She lives with Lainey & Chloe and they do exclusive cookie taste testing for her.    (I want that job!) They got their own blog too.

Everybody should go try her cookies & cakes. They’re sooooo good! Maybe your mama will get you some of her scrumptious cookies if you’re good. Or you can just start tweeting. So many good things happened since I did. Look at all the prizes I won! I love Twitter!

             Not only yummiest but prettiest cookies I’ve ever seen!


Oh and my barkhunt prize arrived too.  Escape to Chimp Eden Season 1. And there was a totally unexpected extra bonus!!!


Thanks Spike! Thanks Animal Planet! You made mama so happy.     Everybody go check out Ask Spike online and subscribe now. :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One of the prizes from PussyCat Island came!

I won 2 prizes at Pussycat Island pawty. One from RockumSockum and the other from Lainey’s Pawtique. RockumSockum’s mom donated prizes via BabyPatches’ mom(just4pets). And of course she know what I like!

 100_1873 100_1874 100_1875

It’s Grandma Lucy’s Freeze-Dried Meatball Cheeseburger treats!       Yippee! I love this!

100_1882    100_1885 100_1887

              Nom nom nom

I recently met RockumSockum on twitter. He’s got 6 woofy siblings and 9 meowy siblings. And a parrot! Total 17! Can you believe it?      oh and he just turned to 1 and had a birthday party. You can go see his blog how pawsome it was! (a pool full of hot dogs, lizard cake, bones, toys….need I say more?)


               Thanks for the pawsome prize, pal!


               See how happily contented I am? heheh

I wanna thank BabyPatches’ mom again for picking out the prize (just what I like!) and sending it so quickly. She’s one of my favorite humans now. heheh

Oh and let me tell you a little about BabyPatches. She’s a Turkish Angora Calico who has 2 cat siblings. She’s the Chief Kit for her mom’s store and has her own blog ‘Confessions of the plume’. Go see her weapon of mass floofiness!

Bonus video!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pussycat island pawty & Foxie!

I heard rumors. Another pawpawty! Turns out my twitter kittiepals were having a pawty at a remote location called PussyCat Island. It sure sounded great and of course I wanted to go.

And they opened it up to all anipals. Gotta love them kitties!

(You can read all about it here, here and here)

 pirate 3

So I got dressed for the pawty and was just chillaxing with some of my pals, waiting for COSMUG jet to pick us up…..when Mom darted out and came back with a package!

It was from BabyPatches’s mom just4pets!!!


*sniff sniff* hmmm…


I smell something…


Mom was busy taking pictures so I opened the box myself.

Look what I got!!! Foxie!!!!




Oooh This is the best squeakie I got so far!


I love my Foxie!

I was too busy playing with my Foxie I almost forgot about the treats!


Hey this smells good!


Very good indeed!

It’s Grandma Lucy’s Meatball Cheeseburger treats!!! 100% all natural!

And I love it!!! Mom was so happy cuz I’m known for my finickiness.

Hey I got bully stick too? Somebody please tell me I’m not dreaming!

 100_1851   100_1854


Next Monday is my adoption anniversary. I’m gonna be 7!

I got my present early!!! Yesh!!!

Thanks BabyPatches and her mom! You guys are the bestest!

Everybody should totally check out their store! They got all kinds of great stuff for everybody! No kidding!

Meawhile I’m gonna chew on my bully stick. heheh


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A present from Brew!


My pawpawty prize arrived today! It’s from BrewskieButt and his mom BZTat!




(Hey, it’s my pal Brew! He’s my BFF!)

Mom was really really happy. We’re not an artistic family but her best friend is a painter, who lives overseas. Mom misses her everyday.

So it was a perfect present for us. Because when mom’s happy I am too!

Oh just in case you don’t know who they are, BrewskieButt is a official spokescat of Art Adventures Studio which is located in downtown Canton, OH near Second April Gallerie and the historic Onesto Hotel.

His mom BZTat is an artist who lives in Canton, OH and specializes in contemporary artwork of dogs and cats.

You should go see her blog Buzz from BZTAT! sometimes because it’s really great. Like today’s post Black Jack: The painting of a dog you can see how she creates her painting step by step!

I’m so lucky to have a pal like Brew.



Thanks, Brew!  *nose kiss*

Friday, April 10, 2009

I got on Dogswhotwitter…


I got featured on Dogswhotwitter. I mean, me and my sister Pebbles together.


peb 777

I feel so honored because our predecessors are Mozartdane and Sylviedog.

Mozart is my hero who paints to help homeless dogs & shelter animals. Read about him here & here.

Sylvie is also from a shelter who played a matchmaker on her parents and a great sister to Mugsydog. She recently won dogstoriesRawhide wars at pawpawty and got featured here.

Dogswhotwitter is run by misterpeabody and the_dogs (Harley & Mowgli). They live with mydog8it.


Thank you again for featuring us! You guys rock!

Best pawpawty ever!


My buddy BrewskieButt was throwing a huge birthday party!!!

It was such a huge success it even got on local paper! No kidding!

 pawpawty article

Boy we had fun.  (Frugaldougal is a genius!)

Oh yeah I DJed for an hour, blipping my favorite tunes.

My sister had never been to a pawpawty before and was quite overwhelmed at first.

But after a couple of SylvieDog’s famous cocktails she loosened up and was enjoying herself.


Then I got busy with the ladies on the dance floor and lost track of her. (Thanks for the unforgettable dance BabyPatches & Monkey_Cat!!!)

When I couldn’t find my sister I kinda panicked and started looking for her everywhere. Mama would kill me!

Eventually I found her, passed out next to MugsyDog. God help me.

I’m so dead…


P.S: To read more about the pawpawty, go here and here.

(I got grounded for a month. My sister is moping around mumbling about Mugsy all day long…she’s incoherent…)

Monday, April 6, 2009

I won! I won!


This is unbelievable! I won! I won! I won a prize at Barkhunt!!!!

OMD I’ve never ever won anything in my whole life!

Mom was overjoyed and cried a bit. Eeek.

This was totally unexpected. I can’t still believe it.

Mom said the prize was not edible. But who cares? I won!

Thanks askspikeonline for the pawsome contest!

My prize is coming from Animalplanet! Isn’t it great?



Exhibit A




Yes, I just can’t stop smiling…


Next time I’ll go for bullysticks!!!  Mwhahaha!!!