Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did you see me today?

did you see me today

Did you see me today?

As you rushed past to the kennel with the five darling little pups -

seven people already there, rescues lined up to save -
Did you see me today?

Did you see my eyes filled with hurt and torture -
ten years of neglect and pain

from my life in the back yard, on a chain...                                                              
Did you see me today?

Did you hear the cries my heart made?

Three days ago was my tenth birthday and almost ten years ago

I was in that same kennel you rushed to today.

I was a darling little puppy that everyone wanted...

that got too big, too fast...and was sent to live on a chain in the backyard -

too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer,
barely a kind word spoken...

I begged for attention that never came,got tossed food most days,

begged for just a drink of water on too hot days,
my throat parched and hurting.

My dirty matted coat my only protection from the heat and cold, rain and snow
No one saw me then either.

Then I got too messy, my cries for attention too loud ...

I just got too damn old.
No one saw me, and they brought me here to die.     

That kennel you rushed to had six puppies then...

They dropped me off and took one from there

to fill my spot on that rusty chain in the backyard,

And I wonder... who is worse off - me or him?

I still have so much love in my heart, so much to share...
Did you see me today?

For a brief moment you stopped, and I thought our eyes met.

Was the smell of helpless death too strong for you,
my pleas for help too loud?

Did you see me today?
Will you go home, close your eyes in slumber

and recall the haunting look I gave...
Will you recall what was not seen today?

With the sunrise will you rush back to see?
I will not be here then.

Today, when the doors are locked
I will never be seen again...

Did you see me today?
(Written By: Beth McDuffie)