Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh My Doggieness… 3 packages!!!

Can you believe it?


It’s like Christmas!


This is from Dusty, a.k.a doggedpursuit on twitter. My year of competing Dusty, the world’s least likely agility dog. That was super nice of him donating his books for pawpawty. I can’t believe I won!


Thanks Dusty! I’ll make sure I review it on Amazon when I finish reading! um… I mean when mom finishes reading it to me!


*sniff sniff* what have we got here? Treats from luckydogtreatco!

When I won I got to pick out the flavor I wanted. There were so many to choose from and they all looked so nommy! After long deliberation I’d picked Logan’s banana oatmeal cookies.


                 nom nom nom

It was heavenly…. Mom was drooling while I was eating them. BOL! All their treats are 85% organic, no preservatives, chemicals, or artificial flavors. Sweet, huh? They got etsy store right here. What are you waiting for?




          *sigh* ok… just put me back when you’re done…


         Now check out what my UK pal frugaldougal sent me!


The pawpawty extraordinaire sent the prizes to all anipals who played pawbquiz. How nice of him! Remember I played all by myself? Even though I was the last one to finish I was happy to participate.


       Thanks FD! This is the bestest squeakie chickie!!!


      Watch how I dropped the chicken jumping on the bed….00:32


P.S.: See that gator in the pic? Mom thought it was a pool toy or something. And of course I was too distracted by chicken and cookies to pay attention. It wasn’t until the next day when Cosmo  got the same prize and told me about it being edible. And I wasted no time after that. Fergus verified that it was Antos Mini Croc Dog Chew. (Mom even thought it was paper weight. *sigh*)


    Here’s my special *wink* for all my anipals out there!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pawpawty prizes!!!

We had another nice surprise in the mail the other day. Right before the pawpawty I made a costume for Raven of Health4UandPets and Raven’s mom sent me a present! How nice of her! *happy dance*

 100_2248     100_2250   100_2261 

        It was really really good. And my sister loved it too… *sigh*

They have really big family. Raven has 2 brothers, Thor and Rio. And fairly new members of family, Vixen and Warrior the kittens. Also geese (Luna, China, Heavy G, WhoGoo), snakes (Frost, Phantom, Phoenix), Beardies, Salsa & Chip (the chameleons), turtles, leopard geckos, Slime the mallard duck, Scrabble the parakeetAsh the cockatiel, Tina the turkey, chickens…*gasping for breath*  You see what I mean by really big family?

3doggies  raven 2 Raven is hot, huh?

They offer Life's Abundance Dog and Cat food in their store which is all natural and made with the freshest, human-quality ingredients and very very good for us. They also have very nice blog here.

And then yesterday I heard others already got their pawpawty prizes so I sent mom to the mailbox. She came back with 2 packages!!!      Yes, you heard me right. Two packages! Two!


One is the book ‘Moments with Baxter’. You all know about Baxter, right? The world’s best therapy dog Baxter? No? what a shame. Go here and read about Baxter then. Baxter has a blog too.


It was Perry the birman who donated the books for pawpawty. I couldn’t believe it when I won the book. Perry’s mom went to Baxter’s book signing and got them pawtographed to us the winners! Can you believe it? oh by the way, Perry’s brother Sam got to meet Baxter. Poor Perry….Mr. birman Bond, Boom Boom on a Box. heheh


            See how happy I am? What a pawsome prize!

Ok. I said there were 2 packages, right? The other was from BabyPatches‘s mom! And you know what that means……Treats!!!!!  Well, they say picture is worth a thousand words….


       hmm…I think I know this smell….


                 I do this a lot.




         I think…I can… almost….


          Thanks for the help though.                       

nom nom nom nom (Did you see my sister? She does that a lot. BOL!)


        Are you kidding? I’m not done yet. Open it back mom!

I know there are many online stores for us but BabyPatches’ mom really really cares about anipals. She always donates prizes for pawpawty and the store has the best toys and treats! I wrote about them before. You can read here and here. So why not from somebody who loves us if you’re gonna buy something. Go to and check it out! *woof*

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A gift from Brew…

Something came in the mail and it was from Art Adventures Studio. which means it’s from BrewskieButt, my twitter pal. I couldn’t believe my eyes when mom opened it. It was the picture of me!!! 

Remember his mom drew me before?  I wrote about it here. That itself was such an honor and now she sent me the picture as a gift! How sweet is that? I think Brew’s mom BZtat is not only most talented artist alive but also the sweetest!!!

 100_2212            100_2219      100_2225  100_2228  100_2229  100_2231   100_2232 100_2234       100_2235

Thanks Brew! Thanks BZtat! For this unforgettable gift we’re forever obliged to you….

For those who missed my earlier post about BZTAT, she is an artist who specializes in contemporary artwork of dogs and cats. She creates paintings, drawings, prints, and digital photographs of dogs, cats and other companion animals. She also creates collages and artwork following other themes.

And my pal BrewskieButt is a official spokescat of Art Adventures Studio which is located in downtown Canton, OH.

So go check out their cool blog Buzz from BZTAT now, ok?    \/o.o\/

Monday, June 15, 2009

Another Pawpawty and … Oscar

I’ve been neglecting my blog duty for so long…but it’s not my fault. It was mom. She was sad and depressed and I was busy taking care of her. Well, ok, my sister did the most. She’s good at it.

Ok here’s what happened so far.

My twitter pal Oscar the Cat went over to rainbow bridge last month. Mom was so sad she cried all day long. And some more. Oscar was my first cat pals along with BrewskieButt. He was one of the sweetest, nicest, wittiest, funniest… the best cat ever…really….    We miss him so much. Thankfully he left his brother with us, Henry, a.k.a Quadpawd. Henry is still young and can be quite handful but we love him very much.

 Oscar 2

         We’ll never forget you, Oscar


And then we had another pawpawty last weekend. 80’s theme.    This time we supported Angels for Animals in Ohio. My pal FrugalDougal did a splendid job, as always. He’s a pawpawty organizer extraordinaire. Many donated prizes and volunteered for DJs and security duties and other stuff. At the later stage of the pawty there were some technical glitches concerning Tweetgrid so the pawty was moved to FriendFeed but that didn’t stop us anipals at all. And the fundraising target was totally exceeded before the pawty was over. Paw Power!

 80 theme

        Click on the pic to see other anipals in 80’s costume

SylvieDog brought baconvodka to the pawty and served with extravagance. I passed out after indulging myself a bit too much. But I managed to participate in some contests and won prizes. I even participated in pawbquiz which really challenged the capacity of my canine intellect. But it was of great fun and I was really proud of myself when I submitted the answers, albeit last one to do it. :o)


                   The bacon vodka tasted so good…

And the best part was when Oscar angel came to see us at pawpawty. He was smiling and waving at us from the rainbow bridge with other anipals there. I was so happy to see him with wings…

I love you Oscar. I miss you. *nosekiss*