Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pawpawty prizes!!!

We had another nice surprise in the mail the other day. Right before the pawpawty I made a costume for Raven of Health4UandPets and Raven’s mom sent me a present! How nice of her! *happy dance*

 100_2248     100_2250   100_2261 

        It was really really good. And my sister loved it too… *sigh*

They have really big family. Raven has 2 brothers, Thor and Rio. And fairly new members of family, Vixen and Warrior the kittens. Also geese (Luna, China, Heavy G, WhoGoo), snakes (Frost, Phantom, Phoenix), Beardies, Salsa & Chip (the chameleons), turtles, leopard geckos, Slime the mallard duck, Scrabble the parakeetAsh the cockatiel, Tina the turkey, chickens…*gasping for breath*  You see what I mean by really big family?

3doggies  raven 2 Raven is hot, huh?

They offer Life's Abundance Dog and Cat food in their store which is all natural and made with the freshest, human-quality ingredients and very very good for us. They also have very nice blog here.

And then yesterday I heard others already got their pawpawty prizes so I sent mom to the mailbox. She came back with 2 packages!!!      Yes, you heard me right. Two packages! Two!


One is the book ‘Moments with Baxter’. You all know about Baxter, right? The world’s best therapy dog Baxter? No? what a shame. Go here and read about Baxter then. Baxter has a blog too.


It was Perry the birman who donated the books for pawpawty. I couldn’t believe it when I won the book. Perry’s mom went to Baxter’s book signing and got them pawtographed to us the winners! Can you believe it? oh by the way, Perry’s brother Sam got to meet Baxter. Poor Perry….Mr. birman Bond, Boom Boom on a Box. heheh


            See how happy I am? What a pawsome prize!

Ok. I said there were 2 packages, right? The other was from BabyPatches‘s mom! And you know what that means……Treats!!!!!  Well, they say picture is worth a thousand words….


       hmm…I think I know this smell….


                 I do this a lot.




         I think…I can… almost….


          Thanks for the help though.                       

nom nom nom nom (Did you see my sister? She does that a lot. BOL!)


        Are you kidding? I’m not done yet. Open it back mom!

I know there are many online stores for us but BabyPatches’ mom really really cares about anipals. She always donates prizes for pawpawty and the store has the best toys and treats! I wrote about them before. You can read here and here. So why not from somebody who loves us if you’re gonna buy something. Go to and check it out! *woof*


  1. Great pressie you got there Lou - and of course the pics of you are just FABULOUS

  2. Yay! I luvs da video, thanks you very much, we alwayz likes to watches you on video Lou! hehehe and we gots to sees your sisfur too!

    Thanks again for supportings us and our store! We hopes to stays in business for long long times!


  3. did you get more prizes, Lou? Wow! you are so lucky!! You look so patient in your pictures..good doggie *belly rub* ... and you're posing for the last picture...hehehe So handsome!!