Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One of the prizes from PussyCat Island came!

I won 2 prizes at Pussycat Island pawty. One from RockumSockum and the other from Lainey’s Pawtique. RockumSockum’s mom donated prizes via BabyPatches’ mom(just4pets). And of course she know what I like!

 100_1873 100_1874 100_1875

It’s Grandma Lucy’s Freeze-Dried Meatball Cheeseburger treats!       Yippee! I love this!

100_1882    100_1885 100_1887

              Nom nom nom

I recently met RockumSockum on twitter. He’s got 6 woofy siblings and 9 meowy siblings. And a parrot! Total 17! Can you believe it?      oh and he just turned to 1 and had a birthday party. You can go see his blog how pawsome it was! (a pool full of hot dogs, lizard cake, bones, toys….need I say more?)


               Thanks for the pawsome prize, pal!


               See how happily contented I am? heheh

I wanna thank BabyPatches’ mom again for picking out the prize (just what I like!) and sending it so quickly. She’s one of my favorite humans now. heheh

Oh and let me tell you a little about BabyPatches. She’s a Turkish Angora Calico who has 2 cat siblings. She’s the Chief Kit for her mom’s store and has her own blog ‘Confessions of the plume’. Go see her weapon of mass floofiness!

Bonus video!


  1. Was that momma tryings to throws peanuts on your head? hehehe, mommas can be so funny some times. I am so happy you likes them, and they good for you too! Who wouldn't likes cheeseburgers huh!

    Thanks @RockumSockum for buying for Lou through momma's store! And thanks you very much Lou to you and your momma for makings a wonderfur posting about me and momma's store. You Rock!! BIG BIG *kittykisses*

  2. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog. I'm honored. I'm glad you like your prize. Baby Patches' momma is the best. Everyone should order stuff from her. Hi paw!! Woof

  3. Lou, You're so cute laying in all of those foam peanuts. Your cookies look awesome, too.

  4. Meatball Cheeseburger treats?! Why have I never had these?!?! Those look nom-ilicious. And you look very sophisticated with that peanut on your head. *snickers*

  5. Those are some pawsome treats and it looks like you really enjoyed them! Lucky you!