Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh My Doggieness… 3 packages!!!

Can you believe it?


It’s like Christmas!


This is from Dusty, a.k.a doggedpursuit on twitter. My year of competing Dusty, the world’s least likely agility dog. That was super nice of him donating his books for pawpawty. I can’t believe I won!


Thanks Dusty! I’ll make sure I review it on Amazon when I finish reading! um… I mean when mom finishes reading it to me!


*sniff sniff* what have we got here? Treats from luckydogtreatco!

When I won I got to pick out the flavor I wanted. There were so many to choose from and they all looked so nommy! After long deliberation I’d picked Logan’s banana oatmeal cookies.


                 nom nom nom

It was heavenly…. Mom was drooling while I was eating them. BOL! All their treats are 85% organic, no preservatives, chemicals, or artificial flavors. Sweet, huh? They got etsy store right here. What are you waiting for?




          *sigh* ok… just put me back when you’re done…


         Now check out what my UK pal frugaldougal sent me!


The pawpawty extraordinaire sent the prizes to all anipals who played pawbquiz. How nice of him! Remember I played all by myself? Even though I was the last one to finish I was happy to participate.


       Thanks FD! This is the bestest squeakie chickie!!!


      Watch how I dropped the chicken jumping on the bed….00:32


P.S.: See that gator in the pic? Mom thought it was a pool toy or something. And of course I was too distracted by chicken and cookies to pay attention. It wasn’t until the next day when Cosmo  got the same prize and told me about it being edible. And I wasted no time after that. Fergus verified that it was Antos Mini Croc Dog Chew. (Mom even thought it was paper weight. *sigh*)


    Here’s my special *wink* for all my anipals out there!


  1. Wow, Lou, THREE packages in ONE day? That must be a world rekord! Remember long, long time ago when you was homeless? Did you ever in your wildest dreems imagine that not only would you has a grate forever home but that you would gets pwizes in the mails? I has to pinch myselves sometimes to be sure I is not hasing dreams!

  2. Love the blog, Lou, although I did keep looking to see who had my chicken when I heard the squeaks in the video! BOL!

    We are lucky pups!

  3. Absolutely love the look on your face, Lou, when you "caught" the chicken! heheh!

  4. My rescue boys can't stop staring and drooling about Lou's photos! It's all they're talking about since I found your blog. Great blog and you have a very handsome boy.

  5. OMD - I love that rubber chicken - where can I find one like that!

  6. WOW you must have gotten a paper cut opening all of these pawsents!!!

    I just wanted to drop in and say thanks for the Kudos for the cake....cookies coming soon!

    Xo XO Lainey XO xo

    ps thelittle chicken is cool i want one :O)

  7. Wow Lou, what a haul!!! Nice job! Those are some pawsome prizes. We got Dusty's book to review and are almost half way through, we are loving his book!

    Woofs, Johann

  8. I's so happy for you Lou. You gots great pwizes. I really love your squeaky chicken. *Sigh* if only I could squeaks it with you.
    Puppy Kisses ~ LilyPup

  9. Have you been summering with that chicken? :) Hope you have been well Lou!