Friday, August 21, 2009

We went to Cortez park!

I know, I know, it’s been a while…oh I’m so ashamed… what a irresponcible blogger I am…*sniffles* *sobs*

ok enough with crocodile tears. heheh. We went to Cortez park today. We used to live near there when I was baby. There’s a small lake with duckies and lots of big trees. I love it there.


Mama forgot to bring her camera so she used her cell phone. *sigh* Can you see the duckies? It was so hot they were all in the shade, not swimming at all. They were not even talking…


OMD Is she lifting her leg??? BOL! Actually she lifted both of her legs when she pees.



Pebbles: mom I love it here!

Photo-0696  Photo-0697

Pebbles: Wait up!           ugh she’s following me everywhere…


oh I remember this small bridge…


Would mama get mad if I get in the water, like I did before…?


Mom: Perish the thought!        ok ok I was just reminiscing…




Saying goodbye to duckies… see you soon guys!


Then we went to Arby’s! Yippeeeeee! one of my favorite!

  Photo-0716  Photo-0713  Photo-0714  Photo-0723   Photo-0721

The roast beef sandwiches were soooooo good! nom nom nom


  1. I was so bummed that your mom would not lets you go swimming until I saw you wented to ARBY'S - you luckeeeee! (Sekrit for Pebbles: I sometimes hike my back legs when I tinkle, too. I guess that's not too gurlie, so shhhh.) Your mom's cell phone takes very nice pics. I would not has known the difference.

  2. Arby's? You go to Arby's? Lucky dog - I would probably really like Arby's but the old blonde won't give me any beef!

  3. You mean you got to have an Arby's RB???? I am sooooo jealous. My mom won't even go there. Well... there aren't any here....
    xo Sammie

  4. Oooh Lou, what a fun day at that park! Too bad the duckies weren't swimming. I bet if they were, your mom would have let you in with them -- how could she not?! But ARBY'S?! You are a lucky doggie!

  5. I would like to know Pebbles' secret for lifting BOTH legs! lol. You guys are too cute.

  6. awww Lou...too bad you couldn't play in the water with the duckies!! At least you got some roastbeef samwishes tho. =:3

  7. Arby's! You get to go to the park and Arbys! We're moving in with you!!