Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Check out Pebbles’ new harness!


100_3906 100_3921  Photo-0255  Photo-0257  Photo-0262

I think she looks cute :o)

Remember the pawpawty prize from Baby Patches’ store Nip and Bones? It finally came! Woohooo!  nom nom nom ~ nom nom nom ~

 100_3937   100_3938  100_3942

Thank you Baby Patches for donating pawpawty prize. And sorry to hear about the Valentine card. We didn’t get to see it due to the bad mailman but that was very sweet of you. Thank you :o) 

And I want to thank you all who read my blog. I really really really appreciate it. *woof*


  1. Lou, you woz so lowd nomming those treats that Dixie comed running in here thinking I woz nomming and holding out on her! And O'Pebbles be all reddy for St. Paddy's day wif her snazzy noo Irish green harness on!

  2. OMC! MOL hehehe Momma and I just luvs da videos and Pebbles looks so cute in her new harness.

    Luvs da chomping on da nom nom treats too! You is welcome for da Valentine Card, I wishes it would has gotten to you.


  3. My thoughts exactly Shawnee - Pebbles' new harness is just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

  4. Pebbles doesn't look cute in her new harness...she looks absolutely, stinkin' ADORABLE!

    I got some of those kind of cookies, too, only mine are chicken parmes-something. YUMMY in my tummy!!!

  5. That's a nice harness, and you know you look good in it too!

  6. That is one super snazzy harness. Very chic.

  7. I hope a certain someone will be modeling that harness for St. Patty's day! :)

  8. Lou! Thx for bringin' sunshine to my day!

    The Brew