Friday, October 15, 2010

Trip to Sedona, Red Rock Country

Hello there. Remember me? I’m back! Is it fall yet? Why is it still so hot??? oh well it’s cool in the morning and at night though…

By the way we went to Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona. 2010-10-13 09.27.49 wheeeeeeeeee! 2010-10-13 09.27.33 Can I drive? 

2010-10-13 11.01.46  2010-10-13 11.03.582010-10-13 11.11.49       

Welcome to Red Rock Country!

2010-10-13 11.20.512010-10-13 11.21.40 2010-10-13 11.26.592010-10-13 11.30.292010-10-13 11.30.002010-10-13 11.30.152010-10-13 11.30.42

Slide Rock State Park                 

2010-10-13 12.19.442010-10-13 12.32.182010-10-13 12.32.352010-10-13 12.32.44 

We left the park and found a great spot for me to swim.

2010-10-13 13.12.12 

And I swam.                                  

2010-10-13 13.12.17   

And I swam some more.  

2010-10-13 13.15.032010-10-13 13.15.32 2010-10-13 13.15.412010-10-13 13.28.26   

We had cheeseburgers for lunch because there was no Arby’s in Sedona.

We should do this every week. I love Oak Creek!


  1. Those do be some kewl red rawks! We duss not has any like that round here. I is BOLing at you two not being able to keep your eyes open from the tiredness.

  2. what a great trip. Mom was just talking about going there. Sure is beautiful
    Benny & Lily

  3. Yippee, you do a great "fuzzy log," Roger is so impressed!

  4. Hello there Lou!
    That looked a really great trip. I'd love to swim there!
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear

  5. AWWWW you too are ADORABLE!!! Just like little kids.... fighting the sleep!

  6. Love reading your blog, I'm a regular reader, beautifully written