Thursday, March 31, 2011

I got a fever…..*sigh*

Valley Fever.

Last week mom noticed I was favoring my right rear leg. She could see a slight tremor too. So she made an appointment with our vet.

Monday we saw our vet. She gave me a shot that made me feel funny and took me away to X-ray room. Without mom! I was so scared I soiled my legs. The vet found no fracture. But there was some fuzzy stuff around the bones. Damn. Mom was hoping for simple fracture. Simple fracture would’ve been better. A lot better than other scary stuff. They sent my blood to the lab and we came home. And waited.

Mom couldn’t sleep well. Valley fever was one of her biggest worries ever since she read about it years ago.

Vet called yesterday. Positive. I have Valley Fever.

The treatment could take as long as a year but vet thinks I’ll be ok sooner than that.

I think mom’s heart actually stopped for a few seconds. She’s still in a bit of shock.

I feel fine.


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  1. Iz sorry you haz da Valley Fever Lou an I hopes they vet makes you all betters *softpaw*

  2. I had to Google that coz I had nefur heard of Valley Fever afore. Skeery stuffs! Seems like that be an Arizona thing. It do say the good news is once you has been treated fur it you can nefur get it again. That is rilly good coz I had the Lyme disease but I can keep getting it ofur and ofur and ofur again. I say GRRRRR to all icky diseases! You get better soon, pal! Sydney be sending lots of smoochies your way.

  3. Lou! I hope you feel better soon!! *bighugs 4 ur mom and you* luv u buddy!! xoxo

  4. Poor baby, hope you are feeling better
    Benny & Lily

  5. I hope you feel better soon Lou! I have never heard of valley fever before.
    Sending you lots of big hugs and slobbers,
    Your pal
    Casper Bear

  6. So sorry Lou but it sounds like you will be okay again soon. Sounds like they need a vaccination for that Valley Fever. Of course, the last thing we all probably want is more shots but ....

  7. Oh noes! I got totally upset when I read this. Lou! You CAN'T get sick. Be strong. Take your medicines and enjoy my virtual daily face licks. xxxxxxxxxx

  8. Aw, Lou! Say it ain't so! How'd you get it? Is Pebbles ok? Your mama is so sharp, she'll be on top of this thing helping you & you'll be better in no time! Prayers for you. XoX

  9. OH my deer Lou & momma, I nos you will strong & get better soon, Iz no heard of dis Valley Fever afore, but I nos you will beat it !!!

    your friends Tweetypie & Gunner

  10. Lou! It has been furever since we visited - so sorries you be having sumpin' yucks like Valley Fever - please get betters soon - your Momma was so smart to bring you to the V-E-T so fast. Crossing paws and leggers xoxoxoxo
    Sammie, Avalon and Ozzie

  11. BTW Lou - are you still on Facebook??? Can't not finds you!
    Sammie etc.

  12. Oh Loubedoo...fudge monkeys! We are so worried about the fever for us but MnD said they had lots of pet sitting clients that did just fine with their pills and lived a long happy life. Not right that we get such great weather and then this dumb fever can get us. They tested me (Raven) for it awhile ago when I was having leg issues but I was negative at that time. However, many woofies in this area do have it. Thank goodness for the meds and our parents and we'll live long happy lives. I loves you and well, the boys give you chest bumps or high paws of love. I however give sloppy doppy kisseys!! xoxox Raven