Friday, April 27, 2012

The big 10!

I hit the big 10 today. The big 10!

Yes, today is my 10th Gotcha day anniversary. 10 years ago today I saw mom and dad and decided to adopt them. They still can’t believe their luck. BOL BOL

*sniff sniff*...what’s this??100_6247

Holy hotdog! A cake!100_6250 

Barkday cake & cookies from Da Cookie Fairy! OMD!100_6258

Barkday cookies is for Pebbles. (hers was February)100_6269 

*lick lick lick*100_6263

Reading the cards from da Cookie Fairy….. so sweet!100_6291

And then we got a pizza. Pizza!!! Pizza!!! 100_6307

All my favorite toppings!100_6308

nom nom nom nom nom….

eating barkday cake and cookies and pizza…

Time for Barkday roll!!!!!     or is it Barkday twist?

barkday twist??

Laser therapy on Monday. Wish me luck. ;o)



Have a grrrrreat weekend!  Get some treats from da Cookie Fairy! *woof woof*


  1. THANK YOU for letting Us be a little part of your day WE LOVED watching!!! HAPPY GOTCHA Days to Lou 10 & Pebbles 16.... WE LOVE YOU <3 Love Lainey & Autumn & Chloe HoOooOoOWls XO

  2. Yey! Happy birthday lovely Lou. You are one lucky doggeh to get cake AND pizza *mouth waters* xxxx

  3. Happy Gotcha Days to Lou and Pebbles! I has missed you, Lou and has been thinking about you. Hope all goes well with the laser treatment! Sydney sends big slobbery smooches (I swear that dog cannot hold her licker!)

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  5. Happy Birthday Lou. I also have a dog named tommy. He is also a good dog like Lou.

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