Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We went to dog park!

Dad, can I drive?

Mom, can I?
Please....mom? *wink wink*


Don't even think about it.
We almost got busted the other day, remember?


No fair...

My sister's tail cameoed

(This video was shot a couple of months ago)


  1. OMC,
    You look like you were having sooo much fun. I wish I could roll around on the ground like that.
    Next time you want to drive, try giving your humans a biscuit. That might help sway their good opinion of you.
    Have a barking good day!


  2. hahaha.. you always have the BEST captions with your pics, Lou!!!

  3. Awww Lou that's so nice to go and help Peb with that black and white dog and then make a sniffin good train! Peb looks great in action and you, well, as adorable as always and you and Raven definitely make the perfect couple - same rolly on the ground!!