Monday, February 8, 2010

trip to the park

We went to the nearby park today. Remember we went there last year when they just opened it? I didn’t get to drive though *sigh*… c’mon mom it’s been more than a year since that unfortunate incident

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It has small dog park too and we met 2 gorgeous Goldens there. But they were boys. *another sigh*

Photo-0029  Photo-0027 Photo-0024  Photo-0026  Photo-0028  Photo-0035 Photo-0040

When we got back home we found Valentine cards from Princess Gwenie in the mailbox! Sweet!

 100_3685  100_3690

My first Valentine cards! Yesh! Thank you Princess! *woof woof*


  1. You only gets to go to the park once a year? That is abuse and you should call PETA. (Mom says thanks for the special nosekiss!)

  2. BOL BOL we walk to a small park everyday. but car ride to other bigger parks happens once or twice a week :o)

  3. Looks like you having fun in the park. That's not one of the state parks that's going to close is it?

  4. It looks like you have really nice weathers, Lou! What a beautiful day at your park. I'm jealous...we got snows today that are deeper than I am tall!

    Wonder if I could drive Mom's car. Hrm...

  5. Sunshine and green grass! How wonderful! (Okay, I'm just jealous, really, but I'm trying to sound happy for you...)

  6. Looks like you guys has fun! too bad there weren't more uh.. doggies there.. *smiles*

  7. You two are SO cute. And you look extra cute when opening your Valentine's. Kisses!