Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pebbles’ gotcha day

Today is Pebbles’ gotcha day.  4 years ago today we went to AAWL (Arizona Animal Welfare League) and adopted her. They didn’t know her exact age but guessed around 10.  She has hypothyroid and severe underbite. She lost 6 teeth at the shelter (Our vet pulled 3 more last year) She attacked me on her first day at home when she saw mom spoon-feeding me. We ignored each other for a while but eventually learned to coexist, as you can see here. heheheh

 100_4099   100_0940 100_0432    

She doesn’t like toys. She’s scared of them so we think she never had toys before…

Mom made her favorite snack. Chicken jerky!

  100_2077  100_2078  100_2079  100_2080

And we got double cheeseburgers.

 100_3696  100_3698

nom nom nom

100_3703  100_3718

nom nom nom

100_3719  100_3721

nom nom nom


She doesn’t do buns but I do if there’s cheese. heheh


But we definitely don’t do pickles.


Pebbles was full before she finished one. I can normally eat 3 burgers but mom stopped at 2…*sigh*

I think mom ordered something for her but I don’t know what. And she also used the gift card from pawpawty to order Grandma Lucy's treats from Baby Patches store Nip and Bones. Yay!!!

Happy gotcha day, my tiny sister! *woof* 


  1. Happy Gotcha Day, Pebbles! Holy Moly, fresh chickun jerky? Hamburgers? That is quite a Gotcha Day Pawty! Lou, Sydney says she thinks you is cute and she will be rite over. Just keep in mind she is older and has no front teefs but she can nom chickun jerky just fine. She is packing some snow to bring for you. She will attack you when she sees you nomming from a spoon too but she only has the bestest intenshuns.

  2. Yeah! Happy Gotcha Day Pebbles! Looks like you had a really fun celebration. I sure wish I had a double cheeseburger...or some of that super-yummy-looking, drool-inspiring chicky jerky!

  3. Happy Gotcha Day, Pebbles! Lou... so sorry we haven't been visiting - no excuses - just a rude secretary! Thank YOU for visiting us! You are a sweety and obviously incredibly lucky to get not only homemade chicken jerky, but hamburgers!!! I've never gotten those, but imagine they must be heaven! Pebbles: have a great Gotcha Day and Happy Valentine's Day to both of you!
    Huggers xo

  4. Happy Gotcha Day Pebbles!!! Lou, glad to know you guys get another now! WOW! you guys had cheeseburgers!! nommy!! xoxoxo

  5. I meant to say "get ALONG now"... stoopid paw slipped..

  6. I am in STITCHES! This post is hilarious. But what's more hilarious is the post you link to at the top. Us small doggehs are always in charge. I am ROLLING AROUND laughing. Brilliant stuff Lou!

  7. Sounds like Pebbles had a great day! And she is soooo cute!

  8. Those Cheese Burgers sure looked yummy!

  9. You are a good doggie momma,loupebs momma.

  10. Awwww! I sorry I missed your gotcha day Pebbles! But it looks likes you had a wonderfur day wif chicken jerky and OMC...cheeseburgers!


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