Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter, everyone!

 easter 2

Remember last year when mom did this to me?

 bunny ears sob caption

By the way I got this incredibly pawsome news. the Anipal Times!      I knew something was going on but I had no idea except it was top secret project. There was its launch pawty #atpawty on twitter yesterday. When I got there I found out my friend Henry aka Quadpawd was doing ‘Bloggy Reviews’ and wrote about my blog. Can you believe it? Mine was the first blog that was reviewed on the Anipal Times! Woohoooo! What an honor it is! It sure pays to have somebody who’s smart and talented for a friend, eh?  Thanks, Henry!

Here’s *high paw* and *salute* to Snick the dog (Publisher) and Cokie the cat (Editor-in-Chief) and many other anipal staffs who made it happen.  My invisible hat off to you guys!

So what are you waiting for? Go read Anipal Times! Now! Go!


  1. Totally pawsome Lou! Great review of your bloggy - I'm so proud of you! And a Happy, happy Easter to you - hope you are having a celebration and finding eggs!!!
    Big Hugs xoxoxox

  2. I readed bout you in the Anipal Times and I thought "I has a famoos furrend!" Congratulashuns!

  3. Congrats Lou, great review! And you look pretty darn cute in bunny ears. :)

  4. Why of course you would be the first, Lou! Cuz yer the BEST!

    BZTAT and The Brew

  5. hi lou! thanks for the shout-out dude. WOOF!