Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My gotcha day :o)

Yep, today is my Gotcha Day.

8 years ago today mom & dad went to Petco to buy fish food. Noah’s Ark was holding adoption event there. When I saw mom I ran towards her, stepping on other puppies rather mercilessly. Her fate was sealed right there and then. We came home together and were inseparable ever since.

 Baby Lou -- mom   BEAUTIFUL EYES                                   my favorite spot (Under the glove compartment) whenever we went for a ride.

No dog park today. So after the morning walk…    Photo-0390                                                     See anything new?               Photo-0393                                        Yep! New harness from Mutt Gear. With seat belt loop & reflective trim. I like it!

..…I saw I got 3 new toys!   100_4117                    100_4126  100_4140       100_4144                                     (I do shake and tug and fetch with my squeakies but I don’t roll on them, like my cute friend Buttons. heheheh)

Then I read a birthday card from Raven, my girlfriend. (umm one of so many, I should say…..heh heh)   100_4169 She’s so sweet100_4182 So sweet… 100_4188 *sniiiiifff*100_4189 what?!

She and her brothers also wished me happy birthday on their blog. Thank you Raven! Thank you Rio & Thor!

Mom made more chicken jerky last night. Woooohoooooo  100_4190

But the sweetest present I got is from my friend Brew. That post rendered me speechless and made mom’s eyes wet……Thank you, Brew……

Ok….time to nom nom nom  100_4196                               Arby’s sandwiches and BK burgers as promised100_4195                                       But I didn’t expect this! Bacon pizza! Just for me! *happy dance*    100_4197   100_4201   100_4208                                     3 burgers & 3 sandwiches later…(I shared with my sister, of course)   100_4211                                    …..I moved on to the pizza. But I ate only 2 slices. Because, you know, I was full.   *burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp

So many birthday wishes from Twitter pals and Facebook friends.    It was quite overwhelming… Thank you all…  Anipals rock! *woof*


Bonus pic!

      chickfest LouPeb                              We went to chickfest pawpawty last weekend :o)


  1. Thanks Lou!! *hands you over a tissue AND some of the New Cookies.......

    I have some of your toys!!! they are sooo cool!

    Happy Birthday again..... YOU GOT alot of cookies ....mmmmmmmm Perhaps more are coming so STAY tuned!!

    XOXO Lainey, Autumn & Chloe

  2. Happy Gotcha Day, Lou! Congrats on those new toys. I've got a sheepy like that, only mine's yellow!

    You should really try rolling on the toys. It's super-duper fun. The plastic squeakies are sometimes the best to roll on 'cause they make the most noise. Once you roll, you'll be hooked. Mom says she sees more of my pink belly than she sees of my top!

  3. Happy Gotcha Day, baby! And all those foodables totally rule - I can smell them from here - oh boy! Hope I can convince the peeps to snag me some loot like that! Love your hooge basket fulla toys - wow - and new ones too! You are a lucky boy - how nice of your Anipals for the toys and good wishes! We loves ya!
    Big Huggers xoxoxo

  4. Happy Gotcha Day buddy! I did not knows today woz your gotcha day. Let me clears my throte and Sydney be clearing hers too - we sing togedder in harmonies, k?

    ♫ Happy Gotcha Day to You ♫ Happy Gotcha Day to You ♫ Happy Gotcha Day Dear Lououououou ♫ Happy Gotcha Day to Yououououou ♫ Arooooooooooo ♫

    (PS Sydney is digging those babeh pikshurs of you)

  5. You da dog, Lou! Glad you had such a good day! *High Paw*

    the Brew

  6. Happy happy Gotcha Day Lou!!!!!! So glad we have connected, and can't believe you got soooo many super tasty treats! Wootwoot!
    Have to say, love the new harness...I might look into that kind as well.
    Happy day my friend!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  7. I'm a day late Lou, but I am really truly psyched for you! Happy gotcha day you lucky boy. :)

  8. OMD talk about a food extravadogza! I would so never be full and have showed mom and dad this post and we are all so jealous. Thor (whose b-day is in July) is starting to prepare his list of food and mom said - hey Lou is only 5 hrs away! You are so lucky and next year we're coming to your house on April 27th! Glad you got my card, love you lots - Raven and of course those boys Thor and Rio

    Glad you had a great birthday Lou!!

  9. Dude, I am SO TOTALLY moving in with you, look at all those noms!!!

  10. OMC!! Dis is so pawsome, you was so CUTE as a puppy, and such a handsome boy now! You gots toys and nom nom noms MOL


  11. Happy belated Gotcha Day! You certainly had some great noms for your special day!

  12. Belated happy gotcha day mai pal ...hee hee wot fun times we have had, I think we need to have da limmo at the next pawpawty!! You get the chicks, I will organise the wheels BOL !!