Friday, May 7, 2010

Sweet surprise!!!

A package for me?                100_4237

But we didn’t order anything…100_4240

*sniff sniff* hey I think…this smells like… 100_4243

OMD….OMD…this is…..this is….           100_4246  

…….from COOKIE FAIRY!!!!!!!   100_4256  

No way! For real? Let me see!100_4259

Look! There’re 2 cards!      100_4268

It was Lilypup!!! She sent Cookie Fairy’s cookies!!! 100_4274

Aww that sweet Lily….you really shouldn’t have..…100_4272

……..*chomps*                             100_4263

You know what’s coming, right?

Bonus pics!                               100_4277 100_4280 *sigh* 100_4281   100_4283 *sigh*

Thank you, Lily & Lily’s mom!!! Thank you, Cookie Fairy!!! And Lainey, Chloe & Autumn!!! What a sweet surprise!!!

If you want some of those nom nom nommy Woofarita cookies,  it’s right here. Go get some! *woof*


  1. That was sweet of you to share with Pebbles but where's mine? BOL. Love the pics and video. I'm drooling, can almost taste how nommy they are.

  2. You does the same thing I does! Take that cookie and run to a safe spot wif it afore mom changes her mind and wants it back! Congratulashuns on getting cookie fairy cookies. They is the bestest!

  3. Wow! What a great surprise! I love how Pebbles looked so dainty when she ate her cookies. You were super nice for sharing like that.

  4. I am GLAD that you liked them!! Lily & Momma are SO thoughtful!!! and we are also happy that you share with Pebbles.. its not always easy! Paw'd Lainey & Chloe & Autumn and mommy too!

  5. Stopping by to say hello from Pet Blogger Hop! I am so excited to meet new Pet Bloggers thank you for linking up.

    Two Little Cavaliers,
    Davinia & Indiana

    What a yummy surprise you receied in the mail! If you want even more yummy treats from your favorite cookie lady you should enter our giveaway

  6. *Puppy kisses* to you and Pebbles. So glad you liked your surprise. You were so sweet to share with Pebbles. I luvs to watch you eat da cookies! *whispers* I <3 you Lou!
    ~ LilyPup

  7. Lou, you doll - you definitely have a velvet mouth! What a sweet "take" of cookie from Mom (Dad?)! You are just the most adorable - and so kind to share with Pebbles - tells ya... just loves you, Lou! And obviously, so does Lilypup! Beautiful cookies!
    Hugs xo

  8. Hi new friend,
    You sure are a cutie
    Benny & Lily

  9. Yay! Cookie Fairy! MOL hehehe dat is pawsome, LilyPup is so sweets to sends nom nom cookies to you.