Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thanks Shawnee! \/^.^\/

Ahhh the weather’s getting cooler everyday and we’re all loving it. I‘m spending a lot of time in the backyard, wishing this breezy autumn thingie lasts longer.

And more postcards came in the mail! I got 3 more from Princess Gwenie and one from Shawneeshep. As you can see I wasted no time sending her our address after reading her comment on my previous post. heheheh


But how did she know mommy likes lighthouses?


She must be a clairvoyant or something…


Can you see the pretty lighthouse? Sandy Hook Lighthouse. It’s the oldest lighthouse operating in the US, the card says. How cool is that? See mommy found this cool site a few years ago and ever since then she’s been dreaming of going on lighthouse trip someday.


Lighthouse pilgrimage…along the coast…

well, one can dream, right? Who knows?


Halloween card from Princess Gwenie. Never got Halloween card before!


Pebbles likes the lighthouse card!


Looks like she’s claiming it…


BOL are you gonna sleep on it or something?


uhh…are you?


ok ok no need to get growly here…*mumble* not that you scare me or anything…


My postcard collection so far! (mom said the ones from our vet don’t count…and I agree since it’s shot reminder… *shudder*)

Bonus pics!

 100_3249  100_3250

Cool shade huh? Looks familiar? See my previous post. :o)


Thanks so much, Shawnee!


  1. I'm so glad you like my card. I'm so glad Pebbles likes my card - BOL. No fightins over it kids! Did you notice mom put a regular stamp on the card? I telled her she boughted post card stamps the last time she was at the go postal place but she dinnot believe me. Guess wot? She founded them in her wallet yesterday. Told her so. And did you smell me on the card? I put my scents all over it before I sented it!

  2. Woof! Great collections of cards from your good friends. LOL on Shawnee comments above re: marking the card with his scent. Woof! Woof! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Cool postcard collection, Lou! If you want... you can send me your address... and I'll send you one all the way from FLORIDA!

  4. Howdy old friend!

    I had no idea you were collecting postcards these days. Want one from the frozen north? If so message me on Facebook and I'll find a fun one for you to add to your collection! :)

  5. Special postcards ... wow. Isn't it fun to get surprises? Sounds like you have quite a collection started.
    Ernie & Sasha

  6. I love swapping post cards! DM me on Twitter if you want to exchange with me, too! @lexiloudog

  7. How cute are you two! Love the star shaped shades!