Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pawpawty prize from George the Duck

September ‘Down on the Farm’ pawpawty was another great one! I’d won a contest sponsored by George the duck. Yesterday I got a package from him!

100_2895 100_2912

What a pawsome package! I love the bark bar! I shared it with my sister, of course. :o)


His name is Robert. Robert the Mallard. Isn’t he the coolest?

100_2923  100_2904  100_2905

I love his voice too! I played with him all night long! Thanks so much, George!!!

Oh here’s the pic from September pawpawty. And guess what. Shawnee the shep made it for us!

 Loupeb lamb 2

Cute huh? I put the captions and my piggy pal Pete. :o) Shawnee made many other anipals cool costumes too! She’s so sweet. And funny. Have you seen her blog yet? One of my favorite!!!


The day before the pawpawty Pebbles hurt her leg. She was running at the park (like crazy as usual) and all of a sudden couldn’t use her left rear leg. Mom panicked and we went to emergency vet. No fracture. Probably cruciate ligament. Mom stayed up all night reading up on it, tearing her hair out.

She saw our vet last Friday and got that soft splint on her leg. It looks kinda funny. We’re hoping she recovers and no surgery needed…


  1. I'm so glad you and Robert get along. It looks like you guys had fun. He does have a funny voice, but don't tell him I said that.
    Now that I have your blog link I'm adding you to my links list too! *ducky hugs*

  2. Oh, I hope Pebbles leg heals up ok really fast too. I will get the cats to send purrs for her.

  3. OH!! I see Robert is a FRIEND of George's.. well then, that's ok! HUGS!
    OMB *worry worry* sending LOTS of LOVE and healing energy to Pebbles and your Mom!! HOpe Pebbles feels better soon!! xoxo

  4. Oh noes! I hope Pebble's leg is OK. That is horribuls. I bet your mom was pulling her hairs out from worries. Pawsome duck wot George the Duck sented you wif nifty shades and all. I has to tell you, when I was watching your movie and Lou put the bitey on the duck and made him say "QUACK" Buttons woked up from a dead sleep and started woofing at the puter BOL! Glad you liked your pawpawty kostoom and thanks for the blog mention!

  5. Oh no! I hope Pebbles leg heals up really fast and doesn't need any surgery. Keep us posted!

    And great gifts from George! Robert is super cool in his glasses.

  6. Brew and I send healing hugs to Pebbles! I always enjoy finding your blog in my Inbox, Lou!

  7. Hey Lou! Nice pressies - I have a duck too like that, but I never named him - and his shades are waaay cool! I bet the Bark Bar was yumzers, but I hope Pebbles is feeling bettah - waay bettah.
    Huggers xo

  8. Woof! Lou - pawsome prizes. How's Pebbles doing - hugs & kisses. Just want to thank you for your friendship - today is my 1st year blog anniversary. Lots of Golden Thanks. Hope to hear form you soon. Sugar

  9. Hi Lou, I love your blog I hopped on over from Sugar's blog!!! Your pics are soooo cool, bol!!! I hope pebbles heals soon, poor thing!! Looking forward to following you on all your adventures!!!
    lotsa licks,