Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I ain't greedy...

Hey, is it good?
Go away.


(Greedy bastard...)

What? What did you say?

Bastard has good hearing too....ungh.
Whatever...mmm....this cookie is good...

Hope he bites his tongue or something...
Hey! You watch your mouth!
You don't even have enough teeth!
Am I right? Or am I right?

Nom nom nom

Mom promised me she'd make me chicken jerky.
Just as soon as she get a food dehydrator or something.

Mom, would you hurry up and get the food dryer already?
Please? please? please?

Yeah, chicken jerky is good.

Can I get one more?


  1. Poor Pebble...Mom better get the chicken jerky going soon...

  2. Hey Lou,
    That's not being greedy!
    No, your like, em, well, you want to make sure to taste test every treat.
    Yea, just think they could be dangerous and you are risking your life to save Pebble's!
    Just don't let Pebbles see this, she looks like she could get a bit mean. ;)

  3. I have to agree with "anonymous" on this one. Poor Pebble....
    I bet Pebble will share when she gets her jerky treats. Lou don't forget, you should always respect your elders. I tell that to my younger brother all the time, so I know it's true!