Thursday, March 19, 2009

I got my green hat on and … pawpawty!!!!!

st patrick hat 2 crop

Ok so I’m a little behind the date but here’s why.

Since I started twittering I learned and tried many things I’d never done before. St. Patrick day meant nothing to me in the past. But this year I decided to put on a green hat for the pawpawty!

I’ve never been to a pawty before and I was really impressed. Food abundant, drinks flowing, great music, cool DJs… And those Porta hydrants! (great job, Fergus)

And I got to meet Oscar and many other cool feline pals.

Brewskie came by and showed us his fantastic dance moves. I was awed. How can anybody move like that?

Thanks Sadie for giving me the dance of my life! Her boyfriend Herb was there too and for a moment I thought I had to fight with someone 1/10 of my size. But he graciously let me dance with her. No wonder Sadie was head over heels in love with him.

Then Sylviedog came and started mixing his famous mojitos!

I honestly don’t remember much after that…

I don’t think I even got to thank FrugalDougal for the fabulous pawty. He’s the greatest pawty organizer in the world!

Meanwhile my sister was waiting for me at home because I was supposed to pick her up and take her to the pawty.

st patrick peb (all decked out…)

I didn’t even get to apologize to her because the next day mom whiskered her away early in the morning for her dental treatment.

I’m really really sorry, sis. I’ll make it up to you somehow. but right now I’m in serious need of doggie aspirin…

P.S. : Obviously Mom was having fun with our pics.





  1. selfish Lou! Cute hats ^_^ ! Pebble definitely needs treats.

  2. Funny hats Lou!
    Oh! Nice to visit your blogsite!
    (my mom likes to put funny wigs on me. Good grief. Scratchy!!!)
    Anyway, will visit again.
    Honey (13 yo golden)