Thursday, May 7, 2009

More cookies???

There was another pawpawty last weekend. We anipals gathered on Twitter and celebrated Cinco De Mayo while raising money for a animal shelter in UK, Margaret Green Animal Rescue. (Last time we helped Orphans of the Storm in Illinois) As always it lasted 24 hours and was super fun. There were lots of contests to win some cool prizes. Many anipals donated the prizes too. (I won 3 times!)         By the time the pawpawty was over, the fundraising target was exceeded. How cools is that? We anipals do rock!

cinco de mayo

And yesterday I got another surprise cookie present. My twitter anipal @BabyHaroldK sent me some cookies from his mom’s store!

100_2022  100_2028   100_2030

What happened was about a week ago he was having this surprise cookie giveaway on twitter. First 10 anipals who DMed (direct message) ‘I LUV COOKIES’ to him won cookies. And I was one of them!!!   ( heheheh am I lucky or not? )

There were a froggie cookie, a ladybug cookie and 2 cheesy bone cookes. All so pretty! I got to eat the froggie first. So yummy! It was about 99 degree out there so the frosting melted a bit inside the wrapper. But I licked it all off. Mom was putting the ladybug cookie in the fridge. I gave her ‘the look’ and she gave me one of the cheese bone cookies. It was soooo good. nom nom nom   \/o.o\/ 

Right after this video the camera battery died. Ungh.

 Photo-0585  Photo-0586

So mom used her camera phone to take these 2 pics.

@BabyharoldK’s mom has a store called Three Amigo’s Dog Treats. All homebaked natural treats. They even got birthday cakes.         Go check out the store and get some!


  1. Lou - looks like you had a good time at the pawpaty - and those treats look yummy

  2. Wow! That all sounds wonderful. Great pawty and fun tweets and treats!

  3. Wow Lou you is such a cute doggie. And you is sooo lucky to get those treats from @BabyHaroldK mamma. They look so yummy and fun

    Petie the cat

  4. Good job winning 3 #pawpawty prizes! I loved my @BabyHaroldK cookies too. So pretty & yummy.

  5. Wow, what lot of treats you got, Lou!
    that's pawsome!!!!!
    Jed xo

  6. Hey Lou! Cute gave you an award! Come on over to pick it up... :)