Sunday, May 10, 2009

The prize from wall photo contest!

Well, spring disappeared somehow and it’s 100+ degrees out there. So we go for walkies at night or early in the morning.

Remember I won 3 contests at the last pawpawty? One of them was wall photo contest. (it’s a bit hard one) And the prize came. It was from @BabyPatchesmom again! I didn’t know she was sponsoring that contest! I know she donates a lot of prizes though. :o)

As usual I got to open the box myself.


A bone toy! I love it!

Wait, there’s more? OMD What is this? Sure smells heavenly!

nom nom nom

The braided bully stick was gone in 7 minutes. Mom was impressed! Even I was impressed by my performance!


Then I played with mama with the bone toy.  squeak! squeak!

After that I kissed mom for 10 minutes. Straight up. As usual.

Thanks for the pawsome prize, BabyPatches & her mom! You guys do so much for us anipals! We love you!  *nosekisses*  *grateful lick*

In case you missed my earlier posts about them, their store is (I even like the name!) Now go there and get something for yourself!


  1. having fun with your new toys? .. and I see all the treats are GONE!

  2. I was just stopping in to give you and sis some love and kisses did your momma have a good day (i hear it was a moms day...thought it was that EVERYDAY...but what do i know?)

    Well hope we all have a good week :O)

    Lainey xo

  3. I really enjoyed your story. You got some really nice prizes! Congratulations.

  4. Hi Lou & Pebbles, I gave you an award cuz i LIKE my furends!!!...please come to my page to pick it up :O) XO Lainey XO

  5. Lou you are so cute momma always squeeks when she sees you wif your toys and treats! We are so glads you likes em. And oh boy 7 min for dat bully stick I thinks you needs to try out dat bullybell one! Thank you for postings about your prizes and linking to us, we greatly appreciate it! *nosetaps & purrrrs*