Monday, May 18, 2009

I got Puppy Pinata!

Another prize from pawpawty came. From RockumSockum again. Remember him? I’d won twice so he sent me 2. 2 Puppy Pinana!!!    You know what that is? Plush puppy whose belly is full of treats!

Another package? What’s inside?


Pebbles got curious and came to look. She started sniffing at them.



Puppy Pinata?


Ok. you can open it now Mom.


I can smell something inside…


Mom took out some treats but I wanted to do it myself!

Nom nom nom. Of course I shared with my sister. See how much she enjoys them. :o) :o) :o)

Thanks Rocky! Thanks Rocky’s mom! Puppy Pinata rocks!!!

Oh by the way my good friend Rocky (a.k.a RockumSockum) is kinda in hot water right now. Uh…he did something he’s not supposed to. But it’s not his fault. I mean...not really. Well, go read his blog and you’ll see what I mean. ;o)


  1. oh, I love the pic of your eyeing the puppy pinata!! =:X

  2. That sure was a lot of fun to watch!

  3. Hi Lou! Great presents! We love your blog!
    Rufus and Indie

  4. OH MY GOSH that looks so cool. I'm asking my person to get me one.

  5. Ahh Lou, love how you are so gentle with your puppy pinata and how you share with Pebbles. You the cutest.
    <3 LilyPup

  6. MOL, hehehe, Lou you are soooooooo CUTE! Momma & I just luvs seeings videos of you! Dat Pebbles is cute too, she liked those treats. So nice of you to shares wif her. I has to go checks out dis puppy pinata!

  7. Hi Lou & Pebbles! I gave you an award and you can pick it up on my page! Have a great day Lainey says HoOOoWwWWWLllLL

  8. Nom, nom, nom!!!! Those look so yummy, even the plush looks yummy, BOL!!! you are good to share with your sis!

  9. Wow what fun. You guys are so very adorable :)

    Enjoy your prize. You deserve it!

  10. If only you could swing a stick. I have blindfolds! ;)