Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Confined… *whiiiiiine*

Convalescing.. recuperating.. whatever.. I am confined! This is so not happening..

On the day of my surgery the surgeon doctor did something while I slept. When I woke up I found I was NOT home. I cried and cried and cried and cried. All night long. Mom wanted to come down so bad but she didn’t in the end because she’d have to leave eventually and it’d be harder for both of us. But she came to see me early next morning. I was still crying. I was so happy to see her. I peed a lot. I saw a rabbit too. I tried to chase it. She said no. She gave me some food. I drank gallons of water and wanted more. They said no. She left. I cried.

2011-10-08 07.50.362011-10-08 07.50.43

5 hours later they called mom and said I was ready to go home. I came home. HOME!!! Wait. What is this? I have to be confined? Inside this play pen thingy? When did mom get this? This sucks..

2011-10-09 09.09.582011-10-09 09.30.05

Mom had to be inside the pen with me for a while. Good thing she’s small. I moved to the bathroom at night so I could see mom in bed.  I still cried and cried.

2011-10-09 17.17.17

So she’s camping out in the living room these days. She sleeps right by my prison. I mean my pen.

2011-10-12 13.38.112011-10-12 13.38.03

The one silver lining out of the dismal situation is food. She’s been cooking all my favorite food. *drools*


*Bonus pic*

2011-10-09 11.03.03

Is Pebbles throwing tantrum because she’s feeling a bit neglected? or…..


  1. Aw, dude, you is so a momma's boy! Did they send drugs home with you to schnocker you up so being in that pen is more fun? Hey, I think you and Pebbles should has matching pens so she dussn't feel so neglected, hehehehehe.

  2. Oh Lou! Iz so sad you haz hurted you legs an getted confined in a pen! This iz horribulz *softpaw* Iz gonna purrrrrrrrr fur you an that will halps. Thanks gooness your mom iz sleeping wiv you an mayking speshal noms cuz that will halp lots too. Get better fast *pawhug* to you an Pebbles too.

  3. Aw!!!!!!! Poor you. We're sending GIANT hugs and kisses your way Lou. Hope you're right as rain very soon. xxxx

  4. I'm glad yer home pal, even if ya are confined. Hope yer all back to normal soon! *Brew Hug*

  5. Oh Lou!! Roger and I hope your recovery is going smoothly!! Sending love and *nose taps* from Vermont!!

    Lou & Roger