Friday, October 7, 2011


Wish me luck. Mom says I’m having a surgery on my knee tomorrow.

2011-10-06 10.07.17 WHAT???

Last Moday I went to the vet for titer, for my valley fever. Doc found something on my right rear leg. Some soft spot around the joint and a bony protrusion thingy. She said ‘let’s see what the blood work says. It might be valley fever related'. So we waited. Mom ate her nails. Result came back on Wednesday. Valley fever level is same, not better, not worse. So Monday we did X-ray. I was woozy.

2011-10-03 09.37.35 

We came home and waited. I slept. Mom ate more of her nails. Vet called. She thinks it’s all valley fever related. Ok. Then she said I needed ACL surgery on my left knee. 2 referrals. First one says TPLO surgery. But the other one says because of my kneecap (luxating patella) he thinks lateral suture technique is better for me. So he can fix both at once. Makes sense, huh?

Mom already ate half of her thumb. She won’t have any nails by the time I come home. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE we will sleep apart. Poor mom.

Wish me luck.


2011-10-05 08.40.00



  1. Iz sorry you haz to haz teh surjreez. I'll send healing purrs for you to get better fast *softpaw*


    So sorry you and yer mum hafta be apart, and that you have to have "S" word. You will be fine I am sure, but will keep ya in my purrayers still.

    *BREW HUG* fur you and yer mum.

    The Brew

  3. Oh my goodness Lou! Hospitals? Surgery? Big scary stuffs. But you are a big, strong doggeh so I know you will be just fine. Nose kisses to you and an extra big face lick to your person. xxxxxx

  4. OMD, I just seened this! Is you OK? Is your mom's thumb OK? I send you smooches but I think you would rather has smooches from your gurlfurrend, Sydney. Her smooches do be furry slimy, howefur, furry theraputic, so pucker up!

  5. We Hope your surgery goes well - our grandmas dog a Jack Russell is 15yrs old and had ACL surgery just 2 months ago - I have to say the result is wonderful she's running around like us 3 yr olds - she's just been staying with us and we've all had a lovely time chasing each other around the garden

    Lots of love & licks

    Star, Alfie & their mummy xxxx