Monday, June 15, 2009

Another Pawpawty and … Oscar

I’ve been neglecting my blog duty for so long…but it’s not my fault. It was mom. She was sad and depressed and I was busy taking care of her. Well, ok, my sister did the most. She’s good at it.

Ok here’s what happened so far.

My twitter pal Oscar the Cat went over to rainbow bridge last month. Mom was so sad she cried all day long. And some more. Oscar was my first cat pals along with BrewskieButt. He was one of the sweetest, nicest, wittiest, funniest… the best cat ever…really….    We miss him so much. Thankfully he left his brother with us, Henry, a.k.a Quadpawd. Henry is still young and can be quite handful but we love him very much.

 Oscar 2

         We’ll never forget you, Oscar


And then we had another pawpawty last weekend. 80’s theme.    This time we supported Angels for Animals in Ohio. My pal FrugalDougal did a splendid job, as always. He’s a pawpawty organizer extraordinaire. Many donated prizes and volunteered for DJs and security duties and other stuff. At the later stage of the pawty there were some technical glitches concerning Tweetgrid so the pawty was moved to FriendFeed but that didn’t stop us anipals at all. And the fundraising target was totally exceeded before the pawty was over. Paw Power!

 80 theme

        Click on the pic to see other anipals in 80’s costume

SylvieDog brought baconvodka to the pawty and served with extravagance. I passed out after indulging myself a bit too much. But I managed to participate in some contests and won prizes. I even participated in pawbquiz which really challenged the capacity of my canine intellect. But it was of great fun and I was really proud of myself when I submitted the answers, albeit last one to do it. :o)


                   The bacon vodka tasted so good…

And the best part was when Oscar angel came to see us at pawpawty. He was smiling and waving at us from the rainbow bridge with other anipals there. I was so happy to see him with wings…

I love you Oscar. I miss you. *nosekiss*


  1. looks like a good time was had by all

  2. Silly 80's costumes. I'm following you now on twitter and facebook. Great work.

  3. Oh Lou -so sorry about Oscar - it's gotta be tough - give your mama kisses from me and my parents. I sort of followed the fun and games for a little while on twitter, but I couldn't figure out what was going on. I almost @ed you to find out, but then I had to go on a hike. And I saw a bit of about it on FB too - fun to follow you cause you're so active on both medias! Next time you are doing something that I don't get, I will @ you! hehe!
    Have a good Monday and I know how wonderful it must have been to see Oscar with wings.
    Hugs xo

  4. PeeEss: What's up with your paw? S.

  5. I'm sorry I missed out on the bacon vodka! I only made it to the latest pawty for a few minutes, but it sounded like loads of fun!