Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pussycat island pawty & Foxie!

I heard rumors. Another pawpawty! Turns out my twitter kittiepals were having a pawty at a remote location called PussyCat Island. It sure sounded great and of course I wanted to go.

And they opened it up to all anipals. Gotta love them kitties!

(You can read all about it here, here and here)

 pirate 3

So I got dressed for the pawty and was just chillaxing with some of my pals, waiting for COSMUG jet to pick us up…..when Mom darted out and came back with a package!

It was from BabyPatches’s mom just4pets!!!


*sniff sniff* hmmm…


I smell something…


Mom was busy taking pictures so I opened the box myself.

Look what I got!!! Foxie!!!!




Oooh This is the best squeakie I got so far!


I love my Foxie!

I was too busy playing with my Foxie I almost forgot about the treats!


Hey this smells good!


Very good indeed!

It’s Grandma Lucy’s Meatball Cheeseburger treats!!! 100% all natural!

And I love it!!! Mom was so happy cuz I’m known for my finickiness.

Hey I got bully stick too? Somebody please tell me I’m not dreaming!

 100_1851   100_1854


Next Monday is my adoption anniversary. I’m gonna be 7!

I got my present early!!! Yesh!!!

Thanks BabyPatches and her mom! You guys are the bestest!

Everybody should totally check out their store! They got all kinds of great stuff for everybody! No kidding!

Meawhile I’m gonna chew on my bully stick. heheh



  1. There are just not enough words to express how happy I am to sees you with your adoption anniversary gifts! Momma says you are absolutely adorable and she thanks you & your momma for puttings this together.

    Momma & I enjoyed watchings you with your new foxie, grandma lucy treats, and bully sticks so very cute!!! You is one handsome woofie! BIG BIG BIG *kittykisses* to you Lou!!

  2. Wowsa woo!! Look at all those awesome presents you got, Lou! Very fun to see you playing with your foxie and chowing down on treats.

  3. OMC Lou - youse a lucky dawg! you are lovin dat foxie MOL. Me an mai mommy really enjoyed watchin ur videos. BabyPatches momma sends out da bestest stuff!!! Have fun!!!
    xoxox *nosetaps*

  4. You have some wonderful friends there! That bully stick looks yummers.

    Davey the Puggle

  5. Good stuff! Happiness is having such awesome friends.

  6. Oh Lou I absolutely think you are so cute!