Friday, April 10, 2009

I got on Dogswhotwitter…


I got featured on Dogswhotwitter. I mean, me and my sister Pebbles together.


peb 777

I feel so honored because our predecessors are Mozartdane and Sylviedog.

Mozart is my hero who paints to help homeless dogs & shelter animals. Read about him here & here.

Sylvie is also from a shelter who played a matchmaker on her parents and a great sister to Mugsydog. She recently won dogstoriesRawhide wars at pawpawty and got featured here.

Dogswhotwitter is run by misterpeabody and the_dogs (Harley & Mowgli). They live with mydog8it.


Thank you again for featuring us! You guys rock!


  1. Kudos to you and Pebbles, Lou! Dogs Who Twitter is a great site and only features TOP DOGS. I knew you'd be on there early in the game. *wink, wink*
    Thanks for being my pal!


  2. Are you allowed on the bed? No way! That's the only bit of furniture I'm not allowed on. Not fair.

  3. Concats LouPeb! And to Pebbles too! You deserve it handsome. Thanks for comings to see my blog. I has cute pictures today of @toopiethepoopie, @kaitokamui, and @perrythebirman on my blog today, so comes sees if you can.


    Baby Patches

  4. First Congrats!! Second mommy says you TOO can be a Cookie taste tester ANY time :0). We had fun talking on SUnday and sharing pictures. We hope to bark with you SOON again :0)

    Chloe says xoxox

  5. Yay! Cute is very proud of you two! :)