Monday, April 6, 2009

I won! I won!


This is unbelievable! I won! I won! I won a prize at Barkhunt!!!!

OMD I’ve never ever won anything in my whole life!

Mom was overjoyed and cried a bit. Eeek.

This was totally unexpected. I can’t still believe it.

Mom said the prize was not edible. But who cares? I won!

Thanks askspikeonline for the pawsome contest!

My prize is coming from Animalplanet! Isn’t it great?



Exhibit A




Yes, I just can’t stop smiling…


Next time I’ll go for bullysticks!!!  Mwhahaha!!!


  1. That's so cool thats you won the bark hunt LouPeb! I has seens it being talked about on twitter. I hopes you likes your prize.

    I put you unders dogs who blog on my site! You is the sweetest! *kittykiss*

  2. Hi Lou! I can't believe it's taken me this long to follow your blog - ridiculous. In the meantime, congrats bigtime on your win! I knew you had, but the pictures help see how overjoyed you are! Happy Easter!