Friday, April 10, 2009

Best pawpawty ever!


My buddy BrewskieButt was throwing a huge birthday party!!!

It was such a huge success it even got on local paper! No kidding!

 pawpawty article

Boy we had fun.  (Frugaldougal is a genius!)

Oh yeah I DJed for an hour, blipping my favorite tunes.

My sister had never been to a pawpawty before and was quite overwhelmed at first.

But after a couple of SylvieDog’s famous cocktails she loosened up and was enjoying herself.


Then I got busy with the ladies on the dance floor and lost track of her. (Thanks for the unforgettable dance BabyPatches & Monkey_Cat!!!)

When I couldn’t find my sister I kinda panicked and started looking for her everywhere. Mama would kill me!

Eventually I found her, passed out next to MugsyDog. God help me.

I’m so dead…


P.S: To read more about the pawpawty, go here and here.

(I got grounded for a month. My sister is moping around mumbling about Mugsy all day long…she’s incoherent…)

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  1. i LOVE your sunglasses!! You look so FESTIVE :0) thanks for checking out my cheeto movie! you should see me now! after my neeting with sylviedog and mugsydog I NEEDED a nap so I am sleeping away! have a great Saturday and see you on sunday sometime!!